Lucid Business Solutions
Your Call Center Partner for Growth

LUCID BUSINESS SOLUTIONS is one of the growing call centers with experienced management people and agents located in Dhaka Bangladesh. Offering both onshore and offshore outsourcing. Focusing on inbound and outbound call center service, data entry and data processing services, and business process outsourcing services as per client requirements.

"We've been more than 6 years in Call center industries, and have helped more than 500 companies to grow their business."

Our Services

Our offerings extend beyond a comprehensive inbound and outbound call center solution and encompass exceptional customer care and support. Moreover, we take pride in our team of technical specialists who bring their expertise to the table, enhancing our list of BPO services.

Telemarketing & Sales

  • Appointment Setting
  • B2B Leads Generation
  • B2C Lead Generation
  • Live Transfer
  • Follow-up calls and mailers

Inbound & Outbound Call Center

  • Inbound Telemarketing
  • Outbound Telemarketing
  • Sales Qualified Leads
  • Delivery information and status support

Back Office Support

  • Administrative Support
  • Data Mining & Entry Process
  • Order Processing
  • E-Commerce Store Management

Customer Support

  • Phone Support
  • Email Support
  • Chat Support
  • Technical Support
  • Deal closing Support
  • Customer Opinion
  • SMS Support

Virtual Assistants

  • Real Estate Virtual Assistants
  • Virtual Personal Assistant
  • Virtual Administrative Assistant
  • Virtual Assistant For ECommerce Store

Lead Generation

  • Targeted Lead Generation
  • Online Lead Generation
  • Content Marketing Lead Generation
  • Email Marketing Lead Generation

Data Entry

  • Data Entry and Data Processing
  • Online Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry
  • Data Mining and Extraction

Web design & Development

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Custom Website Development
  • E-commerce Website Design and Development
  • Website Redesign and Revamp


About us

Lucid Business Solutions is a reputable call center based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Since its establishment in 2017, the company has been providing a wide range of professional services to businesses worldwide. With a focus on exceptional customer service, Lucid Business Solutions offers inbound call center services such as customer support, order processing, billing support, technical support, and off-hour coverage.

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Years of Experience
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Let's meet our management

Our great team at Lucid Business Solutions is a dynamic and collaborative group of talented individuals who are committed to delivering outstanding results. We work together, leveraging our diverse skills and experiences, to provide innovative solutions for our clients and drive success in the business world.

Asif Mahdi


Nazma Islam

Accounts Manager

B.M Alam

Operations Team Lead

Let's grow your business with B2B and B2C Telemarketing Support

Whether you are just starting out or you already have a significant customer base, we can help you drive sales and increase your conversion rates.

How Lucid Business Solutions can contribute to the business growth for your company

Our BPO services have evolved over time to make us one of the best providers in the global market. We have a straightforward process for delivering excellence to our clients, and it’s helped us achieve our current reputation.

Increased Sales and Revenue

Through our telemarketing and sales services, we help generate leads, convert prospects into customers, and increase sales, ultimately driving revenue growth for our clients.

Expanded Customer Base

Our lead generation and B2B/B2C services assist in reaching new markets, acquiring new customers, and expanding the client's customer base, leading to business growth.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Our customer support services, including phone, email, chat, and SMS support, ensure timely and efficient resolution of customer queries and concerns.

Streamlined Operations

By providing back-office support, administrative assistance, order processing, and data entry services, we help optimize internal processes, improve efficiency, and free up resources, allowing clients to focus on core business activities and growth initiatives.

Enhanced Market Insight

Our data mining and entry processes provide valuable market insights, enabling clients to make informed business decisions, identify trends, and develop effective strategies for growth.

Scalable Solutions

We offer flexible and scalable services, allowing clients to adjust their service requirements based on business needs. This scalability ensures cost-effectiveness and enables businesses to adapt quickly to changing market dynamics, fostering growth.

Improved Productivity

With our virtual assistant services and e-commerce store management support, clients can offload tasks and delegate responsibilities, leading to increased productivity and better utilization of resources.

Strategic Partnership

As a trusted outsourcing partner, we work closely with our clients, understanding their goals and collaborating on strategic initiatives. This partnership approach fosters mutual growth and success.

Continuous Innovation

Lucid Business Solutions stays updated with industry trends and emerging technologies. We bring innovative solutions to our clients, helping them stay competitive, adapt to market changes, and drive sustained business growth.

We operate seamlessly as a single entity, offering business process outsourcing (BPO) services to both SMEs and global corporations under one roof.

Why clients choose Lucid Business Solutions?

Lucid Business Solutions stands out as a leading global BPO service provider for a clear reason – our clients choose our services for compelling reasons that set us apart in the industry.


Our extensive 6-years experience in providing exceptional services to clients speaks for itself, earning their trust and confidence. You can rely on us to deliver and allow us the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities.

Full-scale Induction

Our recruitment and training methods have undergone continuous refinement by experts over the years. This ensures that we select only the most skilled and capable candidates to serve our clients.

Effective and Customizable Pricing

Business owners, both small and large, choose to outsource their operations to us in order to reduce costs. We assist them in achieving this objective through our efficient and flexible pricing schemes.

Well-Adjusted Operations

After years of experience, we have refined the most effective approach to engage customers. These strategies undergo continual improvement over time.

Capable and Prepared

Initiating any campaign is just a simple command away. Our clients gain access to top-notch technology and seamless connectivity, enabling us to commence delivering professional services promptly.

Consistent Feedback and Reporting

As a valued client of Lucid Business Solutions, you can expect to receive feedback and reports round the clock. Experience the distinctive advantages of working with Lucid Business Solutions.

Let's find us now and visit our office.

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ᴍᴅ ᴀꜰᴢᴀʟ ᴜᴅᴅɪɴ ꜱᴀʜɪʟ
One of the largest and best international call centre in Bangladesh with very great warm working environment for everyone. Each and every members of this family are really very friendly, polite and respectful to each other. For freshers or experienced one's, this is the best place for working and they can easily be build either from scratch or if already experienced then, they can make many more improvements in their communication skills to the higher level. Also they have very highly skilled management and higher authorities. Definitely recommended.👌
Shafait Khan
Shafait Khan
Best place to work. I have got excellent training and guidance for here as when I was trainee and now I'm leading a team. Friendly environment and lovely people☺️
Janatul Alam
Janatul Alam
Lucid business solution is like a family to me.I dont feel like i am working there.Very friendly environment.I am learning a lot as a fresher.Hope that lucid will go a long way. Highly recommended
Estiak ahamed
Estiak ahamed
I've been working with Lucid Business Solutions from 2017 and it's an organization with perfect working environment and perfection.
Abdul Kayes Chowdhury
Abdul Kayes Chowdhury
As an employee at Lucid Business Solution, I am delighted to share my review of this outstanding organization that has truly exceeded my expectations. Since joining the company, I have experienced a work environment that fosters growth, encourages collaboration, and prioritizes employee well-being. Here, I outline the key aspects that make Lucid Business Solution an exceptional workplace.
Ahanaff Mostafiz Washik
Ahanaff Mostafiz Washik
In my carrier I worked with seven different companies & Lucid Business Solutions is the 7th one, I joined here Feb,2021, Lucid Business Solutions is one of the best call center in Bangladesh, I'm feeling really happy & proud to get an opportunity to work here, very friendly office environment & friendly colleagues, I would suggest to the freshers or experienced job applicants to apply here who's seeking for call center job as this is one of the best call center in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
James Watson
James Watson
I joined here November, 2018, It has been great working here more than 04 years! Lucid Business Solutions is one of the best call center in Bangladesh, Friendly environment, so many lovely colleagues & easy task to do! We work together & it's like a family, All of the time we keep learning new things & get best out put from our work, Best work place for freshers as this call center provide free cost of training for specific time including food, if anyone fluent in English he/she can be join as a "Sales Associate" for Australia(Day shift) or USA (Night Shift) based campaign, I wish long success to Lucid Business Solutions!
raihan lipon
raihan lipon
I have been working here for a long time. It was a great experience when I joined in 2019 as a fresher. I got some quality people over there who are helping me improve quality and build up my career to do something for my family, society, and especially my country. I will invite everyone willing to do the same thing as a family man and a proud citizen of our country
Joseph William
Joseph William
I joined here last year. if say shortly Friendly environment work comfortably, we are enjoying here
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